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- author Jackie French

Saturday 21 April 2012

Review: The Queen's Knickers

If you and your kids like wit, charm, whimsy and clever, then this delightful Nicholas Allen book is a must-read. It might even surprise you... the Queen, for example, actually wears knickers! Who’d have thought it? And not just any old knickers, either . . .

There are knickers for royal weddings, state funerals, horse-riding (with extra padding), even foreign visits. Every pair is specially created and cared for, so you can imagine the State disaster when suddenly the Queen’s knickers go missing.

Kids young and old will delight in this lovely tale about how to deal with a palace knicker crisis, and the history of knickers in the royal family; a fascinating tale, indeed.

Charming, simple illustrations carry the humour of this picture book most beautifully and make it a certain and giggling repeat-read.

Title: The Queen’s Knickers
Author/Illustrator: Nicholas Allan
Publisher: Red Fox
Format: Softcover
Publication Date: May 1998
ISBN: 978-0099413141
For ages: 3-8
Type: Picture Book