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Saturday 26 May 2012

Review: Bipolar Bears

Once upon a time there was a family of polar bears. Mummy Bear, Daddy Bear and Brother and Sister Bear. Brother and Sister - Arty and Sporty - loved to draw and play basketball. Mummy bear was a nurse at the local hospital and Daddy Bear loved to fish at the local fish farm.

But one day, things start going awry for the Polar Bear family. Daddy Bear starts acting strange. He starts building a cubby house but before he's even finished, he gets to work on baking some biscuits but before he's even finished, he starts cleaning the shed but before he was even finished, he tears around the toy store, cramming a trolley with toys.
MY head was spinning reading about Daddy Bear's antics, let alone poor Daddy Bear himself. Seeing his disorientation and the confusion of his kids is just heartbreaking. But, after a stay in hospital and just the right medication, Daddy Bear can return to being the wonderful Daddy he once was.

This is a simple story with a hard-hitting message about the importance of seeking help for manic behaviour. It's the ideal book for helping young kids both understand and come to terms with mental illness in either parent, or in other adults they know.

Hayden's watercoloury illustrations are a true delight, and it's great to see a self-published book so polished; something that has been produced with obvious passion.

To snaffle your copy of this gorgeous book, head to www.bipolarbears.net.au. And don't miss our visit from author Karen Tyrrell from Monday 19 May - where she discussed other mental health-themed books for kids.

Title: Bipolar Bears
Author: Sue Hueston
Illustrator: Shena Hayden
Publisher: Bipolar Bears, $15 RRP
Publication Date: 2011
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780646562131
For ages: 4 - 10
Type: Picture Book