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Saturday 12 May 2012

Review: The Mr Putter and Tabby series

A kind, elderly man and his orange, arthritic cat. Meet Mr Putter and Tabby, an unlikely pair with an inseparable bond. They live next door to spunky, gray-haired Mrs Teaberry and her good bulldog, Zeke.

Mrs Teaberry has a knack for fixing Mr Putter’s problems. This jolly band of four shares many memorable adventures you’ll enjoy experiencing through Cynthia Rylant’s imaginative voice. They overcome obstacles side-by-side, and each one strengthens their already-untouchable friendship.

Sometimes, you’ll find these entertaining characters pouring tea, baking cakes or telling stories. It’s the everyday things, after all, that make up this grand ride we call life.

But on other, extra special days, Mr Putter gets adventurous and walks long miles in the summer heat just to row a boat, relives his childhood days by flying a remote control plane, or fashions a homemade slingshot out of ugly boxers to 'pick' the pears that are too high for his achy bones to reach. (Who says arthritis has to ruin your day?)

Then there’s the time that Mrs Teaberry convinces Mr Putter to join a band against his better judgment. Or how about the day Mr Putter gets a bee in his bonnet to paint his porch pink? Everything’s going smoothly until Tabby spots a squirrel. Even when Mr Putter and Tabby get unfortunate enough to catch a nasty cold, it’s all about being together through the thick and the thin.

The stories in this creative series are humorous and often quite touching. They bring a unique and engaging perspective to the life of elderly retired folks, while very much respecting their age. The illustrations are just as fun as the stories, and although written for first-grade readers, there’s something special here for the whole family.

- this review by KBR newcomer Abigail Larsen of Larsen Reviews.

Title: Mr Putter and Tabby series
Author: Cynthia Rylant
Illustrator: Arthur Howard
Publisher: Sandpiper Press, $8.95
Publication Date: 1994+
Format: Paperback
For ages: 6-10
Type: Picture Book