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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Review: Santa's Suit

Can Davide Cali get any better? His comic wit and genius is just rollicking and oh so deliciously dry in this wonderful Christmas book.

Laid out in a quasi-comic book style, the storyline is nonetheless easy to read out loud to your child (ensuring voice changes for Santa and his dog, of course) and is also a treat for your little one to pore over once you’re done reading. And giggling.

You see, last year, Santa forgot to fix the washing machine. And when he hauls his suit from the closet on Christmas Eve, he’s horrified to find it grubby as can be. With the washing machine broken and no time to handwash, Old St Nick is in a right pickle.

What to do?

Enter Santa’s talking dog, who, after reprimanding Santa for failing to fix the washing machine last year, reveals he has taken some sewing classes (from the tele) and can whip up a temporary suit for Santa, so long as he promises he’ll fix the washing machine as soon as he’s delivered all the presents.

Santa agrees and the dog sets to work on the suit – constructed from Santa’s rich red drapes.

The banter between Santa and his dog during this process is priceless, and the ensuing outcome equally so. Will Santa hold true to his promise or face the same grubby suit drama next year?

Just a scrumptious festive delight of a book… Heliot's illustrations are the perfect foil for a fantastic storyline that would make a fun to read in the lead up to D-Day, or to stuff in a stocking to enjoy post-delivery.


Title: Santa’s Suit
Author: Davide Cali
Illustrator: Eric Heliot
Publisher: Wilkins Farago, A$19.99
Publication Date: 3 November 2008
Format: Soft cover
ISBN: 9780980416572
For ages: 4 - 10
Type: Picture Book