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Friday 15 June 2012

Review: Oh No Mo! says No to Bullying

Young Mo is excited that there is a new student at his school. Harvey comes from England and Mo and his friend Archie have been chosen to be Harvey's special friends to help him adjust to his new school.

Some of the other kids aren't as friendly as Mo and Archie and they tease Harvey because he sounds different. Mo knows that bullying is wrong and he and Archie help Harvey to ignore the teasing by including him in their games of soccer at lunchtime.

Oh No Mo! says No to Bullying reminds children that they can protect themselves from bullies by focusing on positive friendships and avoiding bullies and their taunts rather than fighting back.

Oh No Mo! is a wonderful new safety series by Australian dad Simon Doble, who hopes that his books will help Aussie kids learn how to navigate some of the challenges of childhood in a fun and creative way.

Each Oh No Mo! book deals with a different issue using a short story featuring Mo and his friends and family written in a simple rhyming verse. Illustrations are appealing photograph and drawing collages. Each book includes a problem, the catch phrase 'Oh No Mo!' and then a resolution to the story as Mo and his friends find a safe way to deal with the situation.

The books conclude with a Smarty Safety Drill with a list of simple steps for children to follow and a reminder to always call '000' in an emergency. There are also suggestions for teachers and parents who want to use the books in a classroom setting or as a way of starting a discussion about safety issues.

There are currently three books in the series available dealing with bullying, pool safety and what to do when someone is badly hurt. Future books plan to deal with issues such as littering, fire safety, honesty, beach safety and being active.

The Oh No Mo! series is a fun way to get children thinking about everyday safety issues. The books are ideal for preschool and infants school classrooms or simply for starting discussions at home. My children enjoyed reading the books we have (the first three in the series) and became quite animated as they read them to each other, especially when they reached the 'Oh No Mo!' page.

At this stage, Oh No Mo! books can only be ordered directly from the Oh No Mo! website.

Title:  Oh No Mo! says No to Bullying (Oh No Mo! series)
Author: Simon J Doble
Illustrator: Maree L James
Publisher: Catbird Media, $14.99 RRP
Publication Date: April 2012
Format:  Picture book
ISBN:  9780987048424
For ages: 4 - 8 years
Type: Picture book