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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 18 July 2012

ebook Review: Mademoiselle Daisy's New Friends

Mademoiselle Daisy is moving into a new apartment in a new neighbourhood. She doesn't know any one and doesn't have any friends so she sets about interacting with the local community. Alas, things don't go very well. Despite being a really sweet person, she just keeps putting her foot in it

Heading home that night, Daisy feels mighty sad, until a surprising visitor appears in her fireplace. Can this creature help her make new friends?

The visuals in this ebook are absolutely stunning. Matt Roussel has created a divine Parisien landscape of whimsy and charm. There are no interactive elements on pages, however, sound effects and intermittent animation make for an entertaining ride as text is either narrated or read.

The storyline is very simple but sweet and can be read in both French (such a stunning accent!) and English. There are options to turn both the sound and narration on or off, and each page features a menu button.

A little puzzle and memory game (love memory games!) are also included, which adds to the interactive fun.

A delightful ebook from an exciting new developer.

Mademoiselle Daisy's New Friends is published by Square Igloo and is available on iTunes.