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Monday 6 August 2012

Review: Pete McGee: Dawn of the Zombie Knights

Pete McGee is back. And so are the very undead - 12 of them, in fact . . . the Black Knights, an order of zombie determined to seize back the famed Wilderene Flower - a bloom renowned for its life-giving magic.

But what does all this mean? Why, death, destruction and the chomping of brains, of course! And Pete McGee, the one-armed teen knight of intense dedication and unwavering self-belief (you try riding a horse and wielding a sword with only one arm) is right in the chomping line, as he attempts to defend this precious flower from those who will do it no good.

Adam Wallace has produced another guffawing tale in this sequel to The Incredible Journey of Pete McGee. Not only does the author have impeccable comic timing and an intense imagination that shines consistently though the text in this book, his voice is so fresh, so unique, so dry and witty, the entertaining storyline and word construction are so finely balanced, it leaves one not only a tad envious - but extremely satisfied (or in the case of the zombie knights - well-fed).

Wallace's use of comic word play also shines in his choice of character names. His team of Black Knights are a case in point, with Sir Vyvor, Sir Charge, Sir Plyer and Sir Myse, just to name a few. His dry, warm and candid humour extends into the brilliant dialogue and also features prominently in the but-ins from an invisible narrator, who helps keep the story rollicking along.

Humour aside, there are very cleverly plotted threads of love, friendship, courage and self-belief in the Pete McGee books, making it an all-rounder series with enormous cross over appeal. I thoroughly enjoyed this galloping, brilliantly funny and action-stacked read, and swept through it in almost one sitting.

Wallace is certainly a voice to watch.

Note: this book is curiously touted as a Young Adult read, however, it is far more suited to older junior fiction readers.

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Title: Pete McGee: Dawn of the Zombie Knights
Author: Adam Wallace
Publisher: Jo Jo Publishing, $14.99 RRP
Publication Date: 2012
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780987281302
For ages: 11 - 15
Type: Older Junior Fiction