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Wednesday 26 September 2012

ebook Review: Will Solvit series

Will Solvit is just like any other 10-year-old boy, as long as all the other 10-year old boys have access to time machines. When Will's parents take him with them to visit the time of the dinosaurs, he thinks it is a great adventure until disaster strikes. Will ends up back at home with a broken time machine, a hungry baby T-Rex and no way to contact his parents who are stranded back with the dinosaurs.

Can Will fix the time machine, rescue his parents and find out who is sending him the series of secret messages to decode?

This fantastic series for confident young readers is filled with action, adventure, mystery and facts about history and science. The 12 book series is available in print format as well as ebooks via the iBooks app.

Throughout the series, Will encounters dinosaurs, pirates, cavemen, gladiators, Aztecs, ninjas and a range of other historical figures. He also has to decode secret messages and work out how to rescue his parents from the past. The books include a small number of illustrations including occasional comic strips and each book concludes with a fact file related to the time period visited in the story.

Will Solvit books are ideal for confident young readers who want the added challenge of reading chapter books. The stories would also be ideal for adults and children to read together as an introduction to longer, more involved stories for children who want to advance from reading picture books. The availability of the books in eBook format makes them perfect to occupy young minds when you are out and about.

I reviewed the ebook version of the first few books in the series with iBooks. This acts as a simple eReader without any embedded activities. Standard eReader features such as search function, bookmarking, notes and adjustments to text size and font are available.

Will Solvit books are available for purchase through iTunes/iBookstore.

Title:  Will Solvit ebook series
Author: Zed Storm
Publisher: Parragon books, RRP $1.99
Publication Date: 19 June 2012
Format:  ebook
For ages:  5 - 10
Type: Young junior fiction