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- author Jackie French

Sunday 2 September 2012

Review: Dads: A Field Guide

What's your dad like?

Is he big? is he small? is he sporty? is he lazy? What about his underwear? is he a boxer or undies man?

This adorable book will have tots as young as one, pointing and giggling and enjoying a smorgasbord of dads as they go about their unique ways - from be-caped super dads to dads who prefer an outdoor loo.

Watercoloury but bright, kooky illustrations also up the young-reader likeability - and I particularly love how left-field the entries are - bike dads v car dads, meaty dads v vegie dads.

Perfect for the very young to gift dad on Father's Day - along with a card made of macaroni, of course.

Title: Dads: A Field Guide
Author: Justin Ractliffe
Illustrator: Cathie Glassby
Publisher: Random House, $19.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 August 2012
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9781742755496
For ages: 1 - 4
Type: Picture Book