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Sunday 2 September 2012

Review: My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh

Nick Sharratt's adorably iconic illustrations shine yet again in this really sweet picture book about mum and dad and all the kooky things they do. First published in 1994, this edition features a new rosy-coloured cover, but everything else pretty much remains the same.

And it's fun!

Mum and Dad like spots and stripes. Mum like spots and Dad likes stripes. Mum likes spots all year round and dad likes stripes all though the week. And weekends, too.

They even eat spotty and stripy - and you can only imagine what kind of animals each of them likes.

But what does our wee narrator like? He's wearing a plain grey outfit and it's a large, wrinkly animal. Can you guess?

This is a beautifully bright and entertaining book about celebrating the things we love and enjoy. It reminds us we all have our quirks and idiosyncrasies, and yes - parents can certainly make us laugh. Well, I used to make my kids laugh. Now I make them cringe. Having been told by my nine-year-old son recently to STOP dancing in the kitchen IMMEDIATELY, it looks like I'll be relying on Nick Sharratt books to quench my penchant for kooky parenting.

Title: My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh
Author/Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
Publisher: Walker Books, $26.95 RRP
Publication Date: February 2012
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781406331851
For ages:  3 - 8
Type: Picture Book