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Sunday 30 September 2012

Review: When a Dragon Moves In

A little boy spends the day at the beach with his family and builds the perfect sandcastle. What happens next? A dragon moves in, of course!

The boy and dragon enjoy all kinds of beach-fun including kite flying and toasting marshmallows.

However, when things go wrong, the boy can't seem to convince his family that it's a dragon causing all the trouble . . . and not him.

This is a fun and engaging read which cleverly leaves the reader wondering if the dragon is real or is just the boy’s imagination.

Wonderfully paced and accompanied by magnificent illustrations, which are a joy to look at, this story is enchanting and guaranteed to bring lots of smiles.

Thumbs up!

- this review by Catherine Pelosi

Title: When a Dragon Moves In
Author/Illustrator: Jodi Moore
Publisher: Flashlight Press, $23.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 May 2011
ISBN: 9780979974670
Format: Hardcover
For ages: 5 - 7 years
Type: Picture Book