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Friday, 28 September 2012

Review: Word Hunters - The Curious Dictionary

‘While stories build from words, it’s true,
The words themselves have stories too.
Who dares to read? Who dares to look?
Who dares to hunt within this book?'

When twins Lexi and Al discover a strange old dictionary at the school library, they have to put aside their differences and work together for a change as they are drawn into the pages and find themselves travelling through time, hunting the origins of words.

Can Lexi and Al stay safe as they journey through history, finding clues in medieval forests, battlefields, a 19th century whaling ship and even the Empire of the Hittites in 1180BC? When they finally return home, will they be brave enough to open the pages of Walker & Fuller’s Curious Dictionary of English again and risk another dangerous and confusing journey through time?

Word Hunters: The Curious Dictionary is the first book in a new series for young readers by popular Australian author Nick Earls. Known for his YA and adult fiction, this is a new adventure for both Earls and the Word Hunters as they discover the story of our language.

An action-packed adventure story filled with humour, excitement and mysteries to solve, Word Hunters: The Curious Dictionary is sure to capture the imagination of children with an interest in history and language. Described as a ‘word nerd adventure’, the story winds through history showing how words evolve over time, such as tracking ‘hello’ back through time to ‘Ah, Rou’ in Rouen, France in 925.

A fantastic book for advanced younger readers looking for an extra challenge with age-appropriate content, the story is enhanced by illustrations by award-winning Australian art director, Terry Whidborne. For teachers’ notes or further information about the series and word hunting, visit the Word Hunters website.

Title:  Word Hunters #1 - The Curious Dictionary
Author: Nick Earls
Illustrator: Terry Whidborne
Publisher: UQP, $14.95 RRP
Publication Date: 27 August 2012
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780702249457
For ages: 8 - 13 years
Type: Junior fiction

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  1. Word Hunters:

    I could not put down this series of books. These 3 books are exciting, captivating and a thrilling story about a boy and a girl called Al and Lexi Hunter who travel and battle through numerous exciting adventures back in history.
    It was a time when words were becoming extinct from people not using them anymore. In this special time, Al and Lexi find a dictionary with a glowing word inside in the form of a golden button and they press it. Suddenly they are transported someplace completely different and meet a person called Merlin who tells them that they have just time travelled and that since they are ‘Hunters’, they must go back in time to save words and stop them from becoming extinct. They battle their way through many adventures all the way back into the years before Christ. Al and Lexi continue their journey back in time to find their Granddad Al’s initials which meant that he had also been there time traveling as well to save words. Granddad Al had gone missing many years ago which made them realise that he may be stuck in the past and they must find him.
    Then they meet another ‘Hunter’ called John Hunter, but John had turned evil. John betrayed Merlin and was using his powers against Merlin by destroying words instead of saving them. John was also on the lookout for time travellers who were travelling back in time to save words so he could kill them and stop the rescue of words. He attempted to kill Al and Lexi but they managed to escape. Soon after, they met Merlin again who teleports them with armour and reinforcements to battle John Hunter. After a long hard battle they defeated John and found their long lost granddad. Granddad Al told them that he had been kidnapped by John Hunter while he was saving words. In the end they returned home safely and made it safer for the next Hunters to time travel as they had killed John Hunter.

    By Jono the Bumble Bee.


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