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- author Jackie French

Saturday 15 September 2012

Speechie's Couch: Flap Books

When babies begin walking, a whole new world opens up. Their view of life lifts and changing perspectives fuel action and exploration.

By 18 months, toddlers are opening cupboard doors and kitchen drawers. Parents spend enormous energy trying to limit the items strewn in all directions, but really, it’s all part of the toddler journey.

Anything left saliva-free has not yet been found and anything that is not found may not have a name in your toddler’s mind. Expressive Language skills always start with the learning of new words, which are based on physical experiences.

So roll out the flap book if you’re tired of repacking cupboards. The joy of discovery can be limited to the confines of a chair for at least a few minutes if your aspiring explorer has a flap or two to conquer. While limited-release flap books come and go, there are also some irresistible classics.

The entire Spot and Maisy Series are always readily available, as are Dr Suess delights. Usborne have a wide variety of flap books for all ages as do Fisher Price. Dear Zoo and Oh Dear offer predictable catchphrases that hook tiny listening ears into the rhythm of the tale, while also adding a bit of humour.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry for shapes, colours, numbers and letters yet, though. It’s all about discovery for toddler fingers. Any title that begins with Where, What, Who or How is sure to be a winner with your insatiable language learner.

Jo Burnell is KBR's Development Editor and resident paediatric speech pathologist. A reviewer of children’s and YA books and shortlisting judge for Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year, Jo is familiar with effective writing for Upper Primary and Secondary students.