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Saturday 27 October 2012

Mem Fox + Judy Horacek at Gungahlin Library

As part of the annual Get Reading campaign, big-time authors are on the move, visiting libraries all over Australia and delighting crowds everywhere - none more so than Mem Fox who visited Gungahlin Library here in Canberra today, touring with illustrator cohort Judy Horacek to read their delightful books - the immensely popular Where's the Green Sheep and their newbie - Goodnight, Sleep Tight.

The library was packed with eager readers and book-loving parents, and Mem had them in the palm of her hand with her dynamic and thoroughly entertaining reading style {none of this sitting-down business!}. In fact, she's so dynamic, Judy had to keep her in check at times!

The crowd were first treated to that classic sheep tale, and then two renditions of Goodnight, Sleep Tight, with the second reading drawing the crowd right in with lots of audience participation - big smiles and laughter all round.

I loved how Mem, as an early childhood educator, told the audience how vital it is for children to know, by age 4, at least 6 nursery rhymes, and how this can give them an enormous leg-up literacy-wise, once they start school. To cater for kids, Mem has put not 6 but 7 classic nursery rhymes in Goodnight, Sleep Tight.

It was so lovely to meet Mem and Judy before the event - Mem and I had a lovely chat - she is immensely charming and you can see why she pens children's books. It was also a thrill to finally, finally meet Sarah Hatton {far right} from Scholastic, who I've liaised with via Kids Book Review for - golly, how many years now - and to catch up with the lovely Bethany {centre} from Scholastic, too. Here is us being really happy -

I mean, how can you not be happy at any book event!?

Don't forget Andy Griffiths is coming to Canberra next month as part of the Boundless Festival of Australian Children's Literature. Click the logo below for his schedule and be sure to follow my #boundlesskids tweets.