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- author Jackie French

Sunday 14 October 2012

Review: Empty Fridge

Joy joy joy! You know a book is truly special when you do a little hop around your office, with said book in hand. And that's before I've even opened the cover.

Yes, covers are important.

And inside? More joy.

It's evening. People have been busy. Chatting on phones, pedalling a bike, playing music, enjoying a long lunch. They've been so very busy, no one has passed a thought to dinner.

And this is quite the disaster.

There's almost nothing in the fridge! Naught in the cupboard. Zilch in the pantry. Maybe an onion in the fruit bowl. Not much at all.

Andrew manages to find a bunch of carrots. He heads upstairs to see what Nabil has. Just two eggs and a piece of cheese. Not much can be made from carrots, two eggs and a piece of cheese.

Up the stairs they go. Lucy, Sandro, Julie and Lilia are trying to scratch up a meal from a capsicum and some chives. It's not going very well. Maybe they can all traipse up another flight of stairs and see what the neighbours have up there . . .

And so goes this glorious story, gradually adding ingredients until perhaps - just perhaps, together they can create a delicious meal.

Featuring divine line drawings on an ecru background, splashed with blocks of vibrant colour, this is a visually entrancing book about community and coming together to share. Its beautiful, tall, board cover/paper page format is reminiscent of the retro, European style book I simply adore - and the entire package is yet another winner from the Wilkins Fargo stable of superb picture books.

Empty Fridge has been chosen as the Focus Book for this year's Social Inclusion Week (24 Nov to 2 Dec 2012), a brilliant initiative that aims to help ensure all Australians feel included and valued, giving everyone the opportunity to fully participate in society. 

Title: Empty Fridge
Author/Illustrator: Gaetan Doremus
Publisher: Wilkins Farago, $27.99 RRP
Publication Date: August 2012
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9780987109934
For ages: 6+
Type: Picture Book