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- author Jackie French

Thursday 18 October 2012

Review: Good Night, Sleep Tight

It’s Friday night and Bonnie and Ben need to go to bed. Their babysitter, Skinny Doug, knows how to settle the busy brother and sister for the evening. It’s time for some favourite nursery rhymes!

Skinny Doug shares nursery rhymes he learned from his mother including ‘pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake’ and ‘round and round the garden’. Bonnie and Ben love the rhymes and beg Doug to repeat them until their bedtime can’t be delayed any longer.

Good Night, Sleep Tight is another gorgeous bedtime storybook for toddlers and pre-schoolers from the bestselling team who brought us Where is the Green Sheep? Author Mem Fox and illustrator Judy Horacek revive seven classic nursery rhymes for Skinny Doug to share with Bonnie and Ben.

It is no accident that this book is perfect for bedtime reading with young children. Mem Fox explains that ‘reading is an important part of the nightly bedtime ritual. It helps children wind down and relax at the end of the day, as well as developing a lifelong love of reading… Parents need to have lots of fun reading to their little ones to foster a love of books. It is important to capture and keep the attention of young minds with lively voices and energetic renditions.’

I can see young children quickly picking up Bonnie and Ben’s chorus of “‘We love it, we love it!’ said Bonnie and Ben. ‘How does it go? Will you say it again?’” just as they quickly learned to ask “Where is the green sheep?” I love Judy Horacek’s illustrations and I think that this story will quickly become another bedtime favourite for Australian families.

Title:  Good Night, Sleep Tight
Author: Mem Fox
Illustrator: Judy Horacek
Publisher: Scholastic, $19.99 RRP
Publication Date:  October 2012
Format:  Hard cover
ISBN:  9781742832579
For ages: 1 - 5 years
Type: Picture book