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- author Jackie French

Saturday 10 November 2012

News: ILF Christmas Appeal

"This Christmas, many of us will give books to those we care about – our family, our friends and our colleagues. Books that will tell stories across countries, cultures and even galaxies. Stories that will make readers feel a whole range of emotions – some will smile, some cringe and perhaps some might even gasp in terror.

"Many will enjoy the experience of what a book can bring into their lives as readers. Unfortunately, there are many Australian’s who still don’t know the joy of how it feels to be engaged with, entertained by engulfed in what a good book can offer. These Australians largely live in remote Indigenous communities and deserve all the reading opportunities afforded to you and I, as fellow Australians.

"If you can’t imagine your holiday season without a good book, can you imagine what it would be like to have every season without one?

"I can’t and that’s why I support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. I hope you will too."

- Dr Anita Heiss, ILF Ambasssador

This Christmas make a tax deductible donation in lieu of a gift for $50 or more and the ILF will send out a card!

1. Make a donation

2. Email emily@indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au
• your name
• date + amount of your donation
• the name of the recipient and the address you would like the card sent to.

3. The ILF will send out the card with the following message:

A donation has been made on your behalf to The Indigenous Literacy foundation. This money will be used to buy desperately needed books and literacy resources for remote Indigenous communities.

They will also send you a tax deductible receipt. Offer ends 14th of December.

Reading opens doors. Head to the ILF website for more.