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Wednesday 7 November 2012

News: Rocket into Space!

Rocket into Space!, written by award winning author and astrophysicist Dr Ragbir Bhathal and illustrated by Johanna Davids, has been published by NLA Publishing, as a contribution to the National Year of Reading.

Maddy and Jack are flying into space! If you come with them, you can turn the countdown wheel from ten to zero and help the rocket ‘lift-off’ by pulling the tab.

Travelling into the solar system, you can lift the flaps to let the planets reveal their secrets, make craters on Mercury with asteroids, spot the ‘happy face’ on Mars, turn the disk to rotate Jupiter’s moons, and twist Saturn’s rings of ice and rock.

Dodge asteroid belts and pull comets across the sky! then land safely back on Earth. Maddy and Jack reveal simple Did You Know facts, with more detailed information under the flaps.

This lovely book for preschoolers will be launched by eminent astronomer Professor Harvey Butcher at the NYR12 legacy event on 12 November, at the National Library.

Check it out at the NLA online bookshop.