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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Review: Baa Baa Smart Sheep + I Love Lemonade

Laugh out loud? Really? Yes. Yes. Yes. I not only laughed out loud - I guffawed and giggled my way through both these fabulous books. Boy, this is my kind of humour, ie: funny.

Let's start with Baa Baa Smart Sheep.

Sheep is smart. He's bored one day. Along wanders Turkey - who's a bit of a turkey. Interested in some suspicious-looking black pellets in a pile on the ground, turkey asks what they are.

Sheep tells him they're smart tablets.

Is Turkey smart enough to know he shouldn't eat these smart tablets? He soon will be!

In the follow-up I Love Lemonade, Sheep and Turkey are together again. This time, Turkey is out for a little revenge. Can he fool Sheep into drinking a glass of - er - lemonade?

Quirky, divine illustrations and mega dry humour is showcased through a series of dialogue speech bubbles between the two characters, that kind of made me almost wet my pants. I simply adore these characters and kids will, too.

A self-publishing success story (I know!), these books were originally created by Kiwi graphic design team Mark and Rowan Sommerset. Taken on by mega giant HarperCollins, this is the first time the duo's books have been released across the ditch.

So looking forward to more.

Title: Baa Baa Smart Sheep + I Love Lemonade
Author/Illustrator: Mark and Rowan Sommerset
Publisher: HarperCollins, $24.99 RRP
Publication Date: 1 November 2012
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9780732296582 + 9780732296605
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book, Humour


  1. Absolute. Classic. Will endeavour to get my greasy mitts on them ASAP. But I might have a nice refreshing glass of lemonade first...

  2. Thanks for the review guys. Glad Baa Baa and Quirky hit you on the funny bone. Look forward to answering your questions in Feb next year. Mark S

  3. Kind of funny but it grossed me out. Why not have it so they THOUGHT it was pee/poop but it really wasn't. Then we could ALL laugh (Including Baa Baa and Turkey)


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