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Wednesday 26 December 2012

Posts of Christmas Past: The Christmas Eve Ghost

There's nothing that sets the feel of the festive season like an old-fashioned Christmas tale, a story from the olden days.

A story of hardship and love, fear and comfort.

Two children, Bronwen and Dylan, live with their mother, having moved after the death of their father. Their mother works hard to support them; working, cooking, cleaning and doing whatever it takes to make sure her little family survives.

Left home alone on Christmas Eve, the children hear noises and are terrified. There must surely be a ghost in the house?

They must expand outside their comfort zone to find the answer to their mystery.

Set in old Britain, this story is comforting and warm, with old-fashioned illustrations and characters who will do anything for each other. They must learn to trust others and realise that people help each other out, and the children learn that fear is not all it seems.

A gorgeous Christmas bedtime story for children.

Title: The Christmas Eve Ghost
Author/Illustrator: Shirley Hughes
Publisher: Walker Books, $27.95
Publication Date: September 2010
Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
ISBN: 9781406320633
For ages: Primary school
Type: Picture book