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Friday 4 January 2013

Review Classic: CookieBot! A Harry and Horsie Adventure'

Before I say anything at all please just take a moment to look at this cover. Go on. I will wait.

Isn't it brilliant?

Stunning 1950s style illustration that automatically invites you into this stunning world. It somehow shows its innocence on its sleeve in a way that is completely charming and aw-worthy.

Sigh. I am in love.


Oh dear, can you hear those tummies?

Harry and Horsie are hungry and want a snack. Not apples or cheese or carrot sticks.


For some reason though, mum has placed the cookie jar way up high. But as always, Horsie knew exactly what to do.

Harry fetches his little toolbox and goes to work, with help from Horsie of course and complete with super cute blue print. They call Harry's invention ...


The most amazing cookie-grabbing robot ever!

Harry uses the controls to put CookieBot's arm through the kitchen window. CookieBot grabs a chocolate chip cookie and hands it to Horsie.

"One for you, now one for me!"

But CookieBot has other ideas. He picks up the jar and empties it into his mouth.

"Uh-oh," Harry cries. "He's out of control!"

CookieBot goes on a rampage and charges down Fifth Avenue in search of more cookies.

What will our heroes do? And just where has Horsie disappeared to?

Will CookieBot eat ALL the cookies in town?

Be sure to pick up your copy, dear readers, to find out!

In a word, perfection. Check out the fabulous book trailer below.

Title: CookieBot! A Harry and Horsie Adventure
Author: Katie Van Camp
Illustrator: Lincoln Agnew
Publisher: Harper Collins, $26.99 RRP
Publication Date: June 2011
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780061974458
For ages: 2-6
Type: Picture book