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Sunday 13 January 2013

Review: Scarygirl

Wordless books offer endless possibilities when interpreting the storyline. Each reader is offered an opportunity to give The Adventures of Scarygirl their own unique slant, for the story is not influenced by conventions or rules.

Scarygirl is dumped in an isolated area. She is found by Blister, an octopus who befriends her and becomes her protector. He pieces together a pirate suit for clothing, and attaches a hook to her right hand to complete the pirate image. He also builds her a tree-house in which to live.

There are many things from which Buster must protect Scarygirl who questions everything, and is filled with a great sense of adventure. Never-the-less, Buster is unable to protect Scarygirl from the haunting dreams that are filled with the face of the dark force, Dr Maybe. Her past is tied to this face and she longs to uncover that past and reclaim her life.

She meets Bunniguru, and Egg, Bunniguru’s silent conscience, in a cave. This is her first step on her journey. She is determined to find the high rise building which is a recurring feature in her dreams. She believes this is where she will find Dr Maybe.

While Scarygirl is faced with many challenges like deciphering a great deal of conflicting information, and filtering the characters that pretend to be friends but don’t have her best interests at heart, she is not fazed. There are lessons to be learnt as Scarygirl and Buster continue their quest to find Dr Maybe and the truth about who she really is.

This is a fantastic novel filled with brilliant coloured graphic art, framed in black, with the characters’ expressions telling their own tale. At the end of the story, an eye preludes a series of new characters created in pen and ink with all their details included. They remain a mystery until they are given life.

An animated feature film based on Scarygirl is currently being developed by Nathan Jurevicius and Sophie Byrne, the producer of the Oscar winning, The Lost Thing. The Adventures of Scarygirl celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Scarygirl.

- this review by Anastasia Gonis

Title:  The Adventures of Scarygirl
Author: No text
Illustrator:  Nathan Jurevicius
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $14.99 RRP
Publication Date:  1st December 2012
Format: Paperback
ISBN:  9781742372938
For ages:  8 - 12 years
Type: Graphic novel