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- author Jackie French

Sunday 17 March 2013

Review: Bearly There

Bearly There is Blake’s favourite toy that goes everywhere with him. Although he is torn, ragged and well-used, he is much loved. Aunt Phelicia decides it’s time for Barely There to be replaced with a newer version.

Winston talks when his button is pushed, is clean and has soft velvet fur. His first action is to throw Bearly There out of the window into obscurity, but the old bear makes his way back.

While Blake cuddles and sleeps with his loved toy, Winston cries on the floor. But kind hearted Bearly There accepts and embraces Winston regardless of his short-comings, and the two bears and the boy cuddle up all together in friendship.

This is a warm story about friendship, acceptance and changing situations. It also teaches that love doesn’t notice age, or flaws.

The illustrations are created in black and white with red making a bold appearance to create effect and accentuate the characters and their movements. It is also the dominant colour on a most attractive cover depicting Bearly There and Blake.

Title:  Bearly There
Author: Aleesah Darlison
Illustrator:  Jill Carter-Hansen
Publisher: Windy Hollow Books, $25.95 RRP
Publication Date:  November 2012
Format:  Hardcover
ISBN:  9781922081056
For ages:  0 - 5 years
Type: Picture book