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- author Jackie French

Sunday 3 March 2013

Shout Out: ebook Piccadilly's Circus

The talented team at Ink Robin, based in the UK, are taking the ebook world by storm with their amazing picture book apps. One of our very favourite ebook creators at KBR, we're loving the team's ability to incorporate great storytelling with superlative imagery and truly gorgeous interactivity - from sound to movement.

It's without a doubt Ink Robin is one of the ebook producers setting the standard for clever and timeless electronic books, through genius creativity and good old hard work.

We're just loving Piccadilly's Circus, and stay tuned for our review of Ink Robin's latest ebook - The Hippo, the Rhino, the Elephant and Me, coming soon to KBR. But first, read on . . .

What happens when a circus troupe decide to swap acts for one night? Piccadilly’s Circus is a hilarious, interactive story about a circus troupe who argue about whose act is the most impressive. Nothing goes quite to plan when they all decide to swap acts.

Help the clowns try out fire-breathing, fire dancing dogs from the cannon and help the elephant try to cross the tightrope. A silly, fun-filled story for kids aged 3-8 (and all those young at heart), this book will charm and entertain you on every page.

Beautifully illustrated by Adam Larkum and hilariously narrated by British comedian Trevor Lock. 

Piccadilly Circus is available on iTunes for $3.99.