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- author Jackie French

Friday 26 April 2013

Review: The Gift

Wordless books are wonderful storytellers. The creator gives total freedom to the reader to interpret their work and uncover the messages and themes contained within. It’s a journey of discovery through unknown places. This is Deb Gilmartin’s first picture book and what an impressive debut it is.

Ginger cat has fish to eat. He saves some and sets out with a fish between his teeth and takes it to black and white cat next door.

Next day, black and white cat and a box with three kittens are abandoned by the side of the road and a car drives away. Night is falling. The mother cat carries the kittens to safe shelter beneath a house.

Ginger cat looks for them again with food to share. All he sees is a fox that gives chase. He comes across three cats scrounging in a rubbish bin for food. He lays down the fish and leaves. He searches through the rain for black and white cat, but doesn’t see anything but his dejected reflection in a puddle of water formed by the pouring rain.

But with the dawn, black and white cat and the kittens wait. They know he’ll find them.

He sees them; his family.

The Gift is a touching portrayal of the gift of family love, and kindness, and all other gifts given and received. It is one reader’s interpretation of a beautifully illustrated and presented picture book.

Title: The Gift
Author/Illustrator: Deb Gilmartin
Publisher: Windy Hollow $25.95 RRP
Publication Date: Nov 2012
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781922081070
For ages: 0-5
Type: Picture Book