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- author Jackie French

Sunday 21 April 2013

Review: My Band

Did you know that the saxophone belongs to the woodwind family? Or that you can make your very own oboe with a plastic drinking straw? My Band by Elizabeth Lea and Chantal Stewart is a really engaging book that teaches everyone about musical instruments at the same time.

My Band teaches children many different types of instruments, how they are played and what family they belong to. This book includes 10 different instruments of all shapes and sizes, and to top it all off, lift-the-flaps to open, making it fun and exciting!

‘There are ten musical instruments in my band. Can you guess which instrument I’m going to play?’

On the front of these exciting flaps are pictures showing part of the instrument, inviting children to guess what is waiting for them inside. The girl featured in this book is illustrated really well, and her emotions are beautifully represented. The layout of the book is really well done, and it is pleasing to look at.

Included in the book are eight projects. Children can make their very own instruments with everyday household objects. These instruments include a violin and a French horn! Who knew you could make them out of objects that are so simple?

Overall, this book is so much fun to read, and is educational and engaging at the same time. Everyone will enjoy this book, whether they are 2 or 100 years old! I really enjoyed reading it and the illustrations put a smile on my face. Now, there’s only one more question. Who will lead the band?

- this review by Ella, age 12

Title: My Band
Author: Elizabeth Lea
Illustrator: Chantal Stewart
Publisher: National Library of Australia, $17.99 RRP
Publication Date: 1 April 2013
Format: Firm soft cover
ISBN: 9780642277701
For ages: 2 - 6
Type: Picture Book