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Monday 29 April 2013

Review: Peter Viska Chant and Rhyme series

Silly chants and rhymes echo around school playgrounds all over the country as each generation ‘discovers’ variations of nursery rhymes, counting games, Christmas carols and other songs. These schoolyard songs and games entertain young children year after year with new rhymes appearing and old favourites amusing a new audience, who often head home to ‘teach’ their parents these great ‘new’ jokes.

Anyone up for a quick chorus of ‘Jingle Bells, Batman smells’?

A collection of chants and rhymes books compiled by Peter Durkin and illustrated by Peter Viska gathers together these schoolyard favourites to keep young readers giggling away. Viska’s quirky illustrations reflect the silly fun of the rhymes and songs.

There are four new Chant and Rhyme titles:
Take a Stroll Sausage Roll! – cheeky chants & rotten rhymes
In Your Eye Meat Pie! – hot chants and saucy rhymes
Hang Loose Mother Goose! – weird chants and wicked rhymes
Stay Cool April Fool! – chilling chants and ghastly rhymes

With groan-worthy humour and the kinds of rhymes that kids love repeat, these books will appeal to children who enjoy sharing cheeky stories and games with their friends (and really, what young child doesn’t love that?).

Title: Four titles in the Chant and Rhyme series:
Take a Stroll Sausage Roll! (9781743401088)
In Your Eye Meat Pie! (9781743401064)
Hang Loose Mother Goose! (9781743401071)
Stay Cool April Fool! (9781743401057)
Compiled by: Peter Durkin
Illustrator: Peter Viska
Publisher: Alicat Publishing, $7.98 RRP (each)
Publication Date: 2012
Format:  Softcover
ISBN: Listed above with titles
For ages: 4 - 8
Type: Picture book