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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Review: Professor Fred Hollows (Aussie Heroes)

Most Australian adults would be familiar with the name Professor Fred Hollows, the eye doctor who worked to improve eye health in remote and Aboriginal communities. Children might recognise his name only from television and radio promotions for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Prior to reading this book, I confess my own knowledge of Professor Hollows was limited to a vague awareness of his work performing cataract surgery in Australian remote communities and in poverty-stricken areas overseas.

After reading this Aussie Heroes book, I was inspired by the hard work, dedication, passion and sheer determination shown by Fred Hollows and his supporters to help reduce the rates of preventable blindness in remote and underprivileged communities. Fred Hollows 'gave' vision to more than one million people.

Fred Hollows' story is inspiring. Reading this book, children will not only be introduced to an amazing Aussie hero (who was actually born in New Zealand in 1929 and only became an Australian citizen in 1989), they will also be encouraged to work hard to make a difference, as Fred Hollows was able to do.

Insights into Professor Hollows experiences and the events that motivated him to work so hard to bring surgical facilities to remote areas as well as information about the ongoing impact of his work are sure to inspire readers and encourage them that it is possible to make a difference.

Information about the conditions in remote areas and the lack of facilities also highlight for readers the challenges faced by many people to access services and treatments that many of us take for granted. 'Three out of four people who are blind, don't have to be. They are blinded by poverty alone.' - Fred Hollows

Aussie Heroes is a series of biographies introducing primary-aged children to heroes who have made a contribution to Australian society. Each hero has helped others in need and has in turn shaped history.

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Caroline Chisholm (due for release October 2013)

Professor Fred Hollows is written by well known Australian author Hazel Edwards and illustrated by Pat Reynolds. There are teachers’ notes available for this book here.

Title: Professor Fred Hollows (Aussie Heroes)
Author: Hazel Edwards
Illustrator: Pat Reynolds
Publisher: New Frontier Publishing, $14.95 RRP
Publication Date: 20 February 2012
Format: Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781921042751
For ages: 9 - 13
Type: Junior Non-Fiction