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Friday 21 June 2013

Review: Tyrannosaurus in the Veggie Patch (Saurus Street #1)

Tyrannosaurus in the Veggie Patch is like 'Back to the Future' for the dinosaur loving set.

Jack finds a Tyrannosaurus in the Veggie Patch. He isn’t surprised, because he wished for one when he saw a shooting star.

The arrival of the dinosaur is immediately a problem as dinosaurs are very big, and they eat a lot. So Jack, his best friend Toby and dog Charlie go about the business of hiding the dinosaur.

Their action-packed romp leads them to an abandoned house and the T-Rex and the dog become quite good friends.

It isn’t long before the gang realise they have to send the dinosaur back to his own time. So with a little help from Toby, who is very smart, and the magic chalk he got for his birthday, they invent a time machine and take the dinosaur home.

But there is something bigger and more scary than a Tyrannosaurus waiting there. Giganotosaurus! Luckily, Tyrannosaurus knows that one friendly turn deserves another. He helps fend off the Giganotosaurus just long enough for the kids to get their chalk and time travel back home.

The story is full of humour and the sketches are energetic and break up the text well. This friendly Tyrannosaurus will keep the interest of the junior fiction reader as they take the plunge into more sophisticated chapter books.

Title: Tyrannosaurus in the Veggie Patch (Saurus Street #1)
Author: Nick Falk
Illustrator: Tony Flowers
Publisher: Random House, $ 12.95 RRP
Publication Date: 2013
Format: Soft cover
ISBN: 9781742756554
For ages: 5 - 8
Type: Junior Fiction