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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 10 July 2013

NAIDOC Week 2013 - Indigenous Literacy Foundation

NAIDOC week is a national celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Held each year during the first full week in July (the 7th – 14th July in 2013), NAIDOC week encourages all Australians to take the opportunity to recognize the contributions of Indigenous Australians in various fields.

We have reviewed many books by Indigenous authors and about Indigenous culture at Kids’ Book Review. From picture books through to middle and young adult fiction, there are many wonderful books that share various aspects of Indigenous culture and history, as well as simply showcasing the amazing creative talents of Indigenous authors and illustrators. You can find links to these reviews here.

We are also passionate supporters of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) and their aims to ‘raise literacy levels and improve the lives and opportunities of Indigenous children living in remote and isolated regions’. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to not only develop literacy skills, but also develop a love of books and the ILF works hard to make sure that Indigenous children have access to the materials they need to foster this love of reading.

There is a huge gap between literacy levels of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Australia, with Indigenous people in remote and isolated communities even further behind the national standards. You can find more detailed information about this issue at the Indigenous Literacy Foundation website.

To help Indigenous children in remote and isolated communities develop the literacy skills they need to access the education, employment and social opportunities available to other Australian children, the ILF works to provide access to books and literacy resources to more than 200 remote Indigenous communities. The support given by the ILF ensures young people are able to connect with their own culture and traditional language as well as developing practical (every day) and English (reading, writing, speaking and listening) literacy skills.

There are numerous ways that individuals, schools and businesses can support the wonderful work of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation including direct donations, fundraising, hosting a Great Book Swap, attending or hosting an event on Indigenous Literacy Day (held in September each year), or including an ILF ‘donate here’ badge on blogs or websites. 

Through the work of the ILF, young Indigenous Australians are building the skills they need to develop to their full potential. Amongst those children improving their reading and writing skills with the assistance of the ILF programs will be those who will be part of the next generation of Indigenous Australian authors, journalists, illustrators and storytellers – a wonderful circle of learning and sharing of stories and information.

Find out more about the Indigenous Literacy Foundation by visiting their website and Facebook page.Visit the NAIDOC website for more information about NAIDOC and NAIDOC Week awards and events.