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Thursday 11 July 2013

Review: I Love My Room

There's just something about kids' rooms that stir fond, squishy feelings of contentment and childhood magic.

As a middle child, whose bedroom ownership fell squarely between a little brother and big sister, I'll never forget the nanosecond my big sis left home - and gave me the freedom and creative license I'd waited fifteen very long years for.

I kind of went bananas.

Nowadays, with larger houses and less siblings, masses of teensy peeps all over the country are snaffling their very own space - and well before they're fifteen, let me tell you.

But kids don't have to have to go solo to create a sanctuary bubbling with childhood imagination and delight. Whether they go it alone or share with sibs, a beautiful room to dream and play in, is only a paint slick or a light fixture away.

In this gorgeous new book from ΓΌber stylist Megan Morton (with photography by Jason Busch and design by Penny Shek), lovers of both design and dreamy childlike spaces are treated to a glory box of visual delight, with over 30 adorable rooms to pore over.

Each small 'chapter' introduces us to a child, or a child and their sibling/s, and opens the door to their divine little world. A brief interview - name, age, fave colour, what they want to be when they grow up -  is followed by a round of lusciously-styled photographs that will really make you smile.

From Luca's mega, interactive 3D globe (I want!) to Harper's super cool climbing-frame bunk bed, this is children's design nirvana. I'm also loving Lana and Scarlet's lolly-pink walls and Japanese pop-art wall collage of beloved objects. Another favourite is Cece's wall of books ... and baby Ty's nursery wallpaper is to die for.

Oh - what the hey - I'll just say it. I love all the rooms!

I Love My Room is a finely curated collection of visual design treats that will cater to everyone. Megan Morton's warm introduction and tips on creating glorious spaces for kids aged baby to teen give the book an approachable feel, and the gorgeous photographs, layout and design elements are typical of the superlative style you can expect from Thames and Hudson.

Both adults and kids will come away thoroughly inspired by the unique and eclectic mix of rooms represented in I Love My Room. Now excuse me, I'm off to find me some daffodil yellow paint. And a few rolls of Ty's wallpaper.

Title: I Love My Room
Author: Megan Morton, Jason Busch, Penny Shek
Publisher: Thames Hudson, $49.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 June 2013
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9780500500378
For ages: All
Type: Books for parents