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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Review: To Get To Me

Peter is going on an excursion to the zoo and he wants his friend Ahmed to come too. How many different forms of transport will Ahmed need to get from his home in Northern Africa to the zoo in Sydney?

Filled with wonderfully colourful illustrations and simple, fun-to-read text, To Get To Me explores some of the many forms of transport that people all around the world use to get about. From camels to buses, aeroplanes to cable cars, trains to ferries, Ahmed would need to undertake a travel adventure to read his friend at the zoo.

Children will have fun not only looking at the many forms of transport Ahmed uses to get from Northern Africa to meet Peter in Australia, but also spotting lots of additional vehicles, machines, aircraft and sea vessels in the illustrations. I also loved the different cultural references in the illustrations and the use of Arabic and English newspaper print to create a collage effect within the pictures.

The rhythmic text, transport sounds and simple, enjoyable story will ensure that this is a picture book that preschoolers will want to read over and over and the wonderful illustrations offer plenty of encouragement for children to talk about the story, as well as listening to it. To Get to Me is a fun book for young children and especially likely to appeal to those with an interest in trucks, cars, trains, buses and other forms of transport.

Title: To Get To Me
Author: Eleanor Kerr
Illustrator: Judith Rossell
Publisher: Random House, $19.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 July 2013
Format: Hard Cover
ISBN: 9781742758831
For ages: 2 - 5
Type: Picture Book