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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Tania's Picks: Rapido's Next Stop

If you loved 365 Penguin, you'll love this stunning book from a truly talented picture book duo. Beautifully-produced by one of my favourite publishers, Abrams, this large-format book features a tough, hard cover and firm but tactile internal pages, with lift-the-flaps so well-concealed, you wouldn't even know they're there.

What I love about this book are its full double-page spreads of artistic glory, uninterrupted by text (which can be found underneath the large, very well-concealed flaps).

Featuring thick, contrasting outlines and striking blocks of colour, this is a true eyefest of pleasure. Babies would be riveted by its pages, let alone toddlers (and, erm, adults).

The storyline, hidden under flaps, is also a joy. People all over this busy city are awaiting deliveries, you see - from cans of olive oil to electric guitars - and this peek into the lives of others as they await their delivery, is utterly enchanting. Entire apartment blocks can be opened and peeked into - a voyeur's delight.

Kids will also have fun following along as the little red Rapido van scoots across bridges, around round-abouts and along side-streets, dropping off various treasure to its clients.

The use of imagery in lieu of some words (above) is loads of fun, making this an ideal book for word association, and for younger kids learning to read.

A visual joy and instant art installation. Mine is on display in the living room - how on earth could this book be hidden on a regular shelf??

Title: Rapido's Next Stop
Author: Jean-Luc Fromental  
Illustrator: Joëlle Jolivet
Publisher: Abrams, $23.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 April 2012
Format: Hard cover, large format
ISBN: 9781419701955
For ages:  2+
Type: Picture Book, Lift-the-Flap