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- author Jackie French

Thursday 4 July 2013

Vintage Book Review: Elvira

Everyone knows dragons like nothing better than fighting other dragons and gobbling up princesses. Well, everyone but Elvira!

This little dragon doesn't like fighting and she doesn't like eating princesses either. In fact, she much prefers to sit on the grass and make daisy chains … which doesn't make for an easy life.

The other dragons tease her and burn her daisy chains. But Elvira is a feisty dragon with a mind of her own, and the bullies aren't going to get the better of her — she starts making her own dresses! The other dragons tease her even more, so Elvira decides to go and live with the princesses, where her talents will be appreciated.

The princesses polish her scales, curl her eyelashes and paint her claws — everything Elvira has longed for. But then one day out in the forest Elvira sees her parents and decides to come home. And when the other dragons see how beautiful Elvira looks in her dresses (the princesses have also improved her dressmaking skills!), they are so impressed that they ask her to start making clothes for them too!

First published in 1991, this delightful story might be hard to find now, but it's worth hunting it out in libraries or specialist book retailers. It's an inspiring tale for anyone who has ever dared to be different and found themselves at the receiving end of teasing and bullying as a result.

Title: Elvira
Author/Illustrator: Margaret Shannon
Publisher: Omnibus Books
Publication Date: 1991
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1862910227
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book