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- author Jackie French

Friday 30 August 2013

Review: A Little Election

One day at lunchtime, Rory decides to become Prime Minister. Why? Well, everyone knows that if you are Prime Minister, you can do anything you want to. Anything!

Fortunately for Rory’s class, their teacher Mrs Gonsha explains that being Prime Minister isn’t all about being gross and disgusting and pulling down your pants to show everyone your blue undies with seahorses on them. After Mrs Gonsha’s explains that a Prime Minister is supposed to keep everyone happy and safe, Debra-Jo Woo decides that she would like to be Prime Minister too. Who should be Prime Minister, Rory or Debra-Jo Woo? The obvious solution is to hold an election.

This entertaining story by fantastic author/illustrator team Danny Katz and Mitch Vane breaks down the election process to its most basic elements; two candidates campaigning and students voting to decide who will be the Prime Minister. A Little Election is the perfect book for parents of children who want to know what the fuss is all about but aren’t ready to get their head around the complexities of preferences and political parties.

With stereotypical characters – Rory is interested in cake, avoiding homework and flicking boogers, Debra-Jo represents the Fairy Angel Party and promises a pretty country full of fairies and angels – A Little Election is a caricature of election personalities and processes, presented with humour in a way that will help children understand without boring them. It’s a shame that there isn’t a similarly entertaining summary of the political system available for adults!

Title: A Little Election
Author: Danny Katz
Illustrator: Mitch Vane
Publisher: Black Dog Books, $16.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 July 2013
Format: Soft cover
ISBN: 9781922179654
For ages: 5 - 9
Type: Picture Book