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Sunday, 29 September 2013

KBR Recommends: New Picture Books, September 2013

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley, Koala Books, $14.99, 9781742760773, ages 3 - 6

Does your woolly mammoth need a wash? It's not a very easy thing to do...

Find out exactly how to wash your mammoth in this hilarious instruction manual - just remember don't get any soap in its eyes or it might escape up a tree!

Baby Elephant Walk by Hal David, Henry Mancini and Rhiannon Mowat, audio recording by Jay Laga'aia, Scholastic Australia, $24.99, 9781742834184, ages 4 - 7

Make believe you're in a jungle movie. Watch the baby elephants go by. The beat is groovy. It's a brand new dance you ought to try.

Come to the jungle and see the animal attraction, baby elephants in action walk.

Book includes a bonus CD recording.

Don't Wake the Troll by Ben Kitchin and Ben Redlich, Koala Books, $14.99, 9781742760605, age 3 - 6

Deep inside the mountain, at the end of a cold, twisty tunnel, a giant troll sleeps on a pile of stolen treasure. Can these brave dwarfs get their treasure back without waking him?

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