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Tuesday 10 September 2013

Review: My Blue is Happy

We all know that colours can evoke emotion. The sight of a bright yellow sunflower always puts a smile on my face, and if I need to calm down after a stressful day there's nothing more soothing than looking out over the greens and greys of the Australian bush.

But is my yellow your yellow? Is my green your green?

In this cleverly structured book, we get to explore the unique ways in which we each experience colour and emotion. For example:

My sister says that blue is sad
like a lonely song

But my blue is happy
like my favourite jeans
and a splash in the pool on a hot day.

For some, yellow is cheery but for others it's worried. Red can be brave … or scary! Brown can be a plain paper bag or chocolate sauce. And while many people, especially kids, might not find black too comforting, for some it's peaceful 'like the spaces between the stars'.

This would be a great book for any budding artists out there or even simply for helping someone scared of the dark to see black in a more reassuring way. It opens up our minds to new ways of seeing the world, and that's surely a valuable skill for any child to develop.

Title: My Blue is Happy
Author: Jessica Young
Illustrator: Catia Chien
Publisher: Walker Books, $24.95 RRP
Publication Date: August 2013
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781406351750
For ages: 4+
Type: Picture Book