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Friday 20 September 2013

Review: The Very Noisy House

At the bottom of a very tall house lived an old lady. She walked with the help of a BIG wooden stick.

So begins this chaotic and very very noisy story! Of course, the old lady's walking stick makes a loud CLOMP as she crosses her room. Which wakes up the dog that lives above her. So he starts barking … WOOF!

Which wakes up the cat that lives above him. So she begins to MEOW …

Which wakes up the baby who lives above the cat. So he starts to cry: WHAAA!

Which wakes up the birds roosting in the attic. So they begin to SQUAWK …

It's mayhem! And all of this noise is brilliantly and colourfully portrayed in the crazy illustrations of the house showing each floor's inhabitant clomping, barking, meowing, crying and squawking all over the place.

Eventually, the old lady decides to sit in her chair and do some knitting to take her mind off all the noise. And wouldn't you know it? The sound of the knitting needles clicking together makes the dog feel sleepy … so he stops barking … which stops the cat meowing … and the baby crying … and the birds squawking.

But then the old lady feels like a cup of tea so she gets up from her chair and picks up her walking stick … CLOMP!

My daughter and I had an absolute ball reading this together. Young kids are guaranteed to enjoy the illustrations and will love joining in with the sound effects. Great fun!

Title: The Very Noisy House
Author: Julie Rhodes
Illustrator: Korky Paul
Publisher: Frances Lincoln, $27.95 RRP
Publication Date: September 2013
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781845079833
For ages: 2–5
Type: Picture Book