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Thursday 24 October 2013

Children's Week: My Favourite Book: Old Tom's Big Book of Beauty

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What is this story about?
It is about Old Tom (a very messy cat) being given a book by his friend Angela Throgmorton, it is a book about making yourself beautiful. Old Tom loves this book and he decides to read it every day. He changes from messy Old Tom to a not-messy Old Tom. He gets to go to lots of parties.

What are the main characters?
Old Tom and Angela Throgmorton.

What problems or challenges do these characters face?
Old Tom learns to make himself beautiful with new hairstyles like ‘The Shocker’ and ‘The Furball’. He also has a bath in strawberry milk. He gets invited to lots of parties but ignores his friend Angela Throgmorton who really loves him, even when he is not beautiful.

What is the climax of the story, when things get the most problematic or exciting?
When Old Tom puts his foot in the cheese dip at a very important party. He is never invited back.

Were there any shocks, twists, turns or surprises?
Old Tom goes to the beauty salon to get his hair done but is told to leave because he has fleas.

Can you describe the illustrations?
Very funny.

What was your favourite part in this book?
When Old Tom chooses the hairstyle, ‘The Shocker’ to go shopping.

Is there anything you didn’t like about this book?
No, that’s why I chose it.

Did you learn anything new from this story?
There are many different hairstyles you can do to go out and strawberry milk baths look like lots of fun. You can have a bath and drink milk through a straw at the same time.

- This review brought to you by Seamus, age 5, NSW

Title: Old Tom's Book of Beauty
Author/Illustrator: Leigh Hobbs
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $24.95 RRP
Publication Date: October 2007
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781741145229
For ages: 3–8
Type: Picture Book