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Monday 21 October 2013

Children's Week: Review: Fortunately, the Milk

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This story is about a dad who had to get more milk for his kids and got into a lot of mischief along the way – like meeting Professor Steg.

The main characters are Dad, Professor Steg, the milk and green globby things. The main problem in this story is trying to get the milk home for his kids’ cereal. Without it they can’t eat their cereal.

The most exciting part of the story for me was when the two milks could have touched and then the universe could have ended. It was a surprise in the end that the universe didn’t actually end (fortunately).

The end involves dinosaur police who arrest the globby things so that Dad is able to make it back home, with the milk!

There are lots of illustrations in this book. I really like them because they are funny and make me want to laugh every time.

I didn’t have any favourite parts of this book because I don’t have favourites and I liked it all! I believe this really could have happened to the Dad, even if the boy and his sister didn’t, because I believe everything Daddy tells me.

There was nothing I didn’t like about this book and I would rate it a 10 out of 5 which is telling you how good it was.

- this review by Miss Cheetah, age 7¾, daughter of author Dimity Powell of Dim’s Write Stuff and Boomerang Blogs (who has yet to review this book because dinosaurs keep getting in her way!).

Title: Fortunately, the Milk
Author: Neil Gaiman
Illustrator: Chris Riddell
Publisher: Bloomsbury, $17.99 RRP
Publication Date: 1 October 2013
Format: Hardcover (with dustjacket)
ISBN: 9781408841761
For ages: 7+
Type: Junior Fiction