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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Review: Donkeys

This simple tale of two donkeys who have loved each other for a very long time reaches deep into the heart of relationships.

Partners can seem so settled together that they are like two perfectly matched pieces in a puzzle, but that doesn’t mean life is without its troubles. Special days can be forgotten, annoyances turn to anger and words that should never be spoken spill out: words that cannot be taken back.

Turning your back on your perfect match might lead to adventures and new possibilities, but the excitement can end in disaster.

Donkeys is a heart rending journey about the search for true love when it was always right in front of you. While this tale has a happy ending, it opens the door for children to discuss such difficult topics as divorce, irreconcilable differences and what makes a ‘perfect’ match. A lovely space is offered where it’s okay to realise that not everyone finds a match in life that is as perfect as what these two old donkeys have.

Donkeys is a precious resource for anyone who has seen a couple go their separate ways.

Title: Donkeys
Author/Illustrators: Adelheid Dahimène and Heide Stöllinger
Translator: Catherine Chidgey
Publisher: Gecko Press. RRP $29.99, $18.99, $14.99
Publication Date: English Translation 2005
Format: Hard Cover, Paperback and Small Hardback
ISBN: 9780958259804
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book

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