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Thursday 10 October 2013

Review: Lonely Planet Not-For-Parents Travel Books

Oooh - there's more! Another batch of Lonely Planet Not-For-Parents books has arrived, and I'm SO glad I have exemption from the no-parent rule so I can share these amazing books with you.

Using their typical travel savvy, Lonely Planet have created this hardy, travel-size-compatible book series for kids on a variety of destinations, and now we are travelling to four continents, exploring the coolest stops along the way.

Each book is crammed with fascinating facts and images on their destination, with loads of colour and pockets of text that readily draw the eye. The books say they are NOT travel guides but kids could absolutely use them as an accompaniment to travel--both in terms of exploration and interesting information.

I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to visit Buñol in Spain for its La Tomatina food fight (using overripe tomatoes) after seeing that super cool pic of blokes spattering each other with juicy red fruit? It seems Europe loves a food fight because you can also partake in the Battle of the Oranges in an Italian town called Ivrea - a centuries-old battle featuring people in medieval costume.

In South America, I'm personally keen to visit the Coffee Republic - Brazil. I'm just hoping they do skim, decaf mugaccinos with a vanilla bean and plum blossom on the side. And in Asia I'll be daring my kids to jump into a balmy 1ºC river in Siberia (they cut a nice dipping hole in the ice). Let's face it 1ºC is nothing when it's -60ºC outside. As for Africa, I'm already booking my ticket for a 42km marathon through the Sahara (not!).

Fundamentally, if your kids (or you) are into outrageous fun and intriguing facts, these books are for you. Beautifully-laid out and designed with photos, illustrations, diagrams and maps, they will fulfill the most fussy of voyagers, and are also a priceless research tool.

Love books that provide fun with their education, me. And squishy tomatoes, too.

Title: Not-for-Parents Travel Guides
Authors: Clive Gifford, Margaret Hynes
Publisher: Lonely Planet, $19.99 RRP
Publication Date: October 2013
Format: Firm cover
ISBN: Africa - 9781743219096, Asia - 9781743219126, Europe - 9781743219133, South America - 9781743219157
For ages: 7 - 12
Type: Picture Book, Non-Fiction, Travel Book