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Monday 7 October 2013

Review: Monster School (City of Monsters #1)

Humans have ruled Monstro City for hundreds of years, but goblins are taking over. Thomas is possible heir to the throne at Castle Mount. His father and brother are missing, and his mother is kept in a coma. He is kept ‘safe’ by an Ogre and the temporary ruler of Monstro City, Lord Boron.

But Thomas is tired of being a prisoner. Tutored by Franken freak Doctor Combo, Thomas hasn't learnt anything about his people and the monsters that are taking over his city. Through bribes and by disguising himself as a smelly Swamp Boy, he enters the class of misfits at Monstro Central to learn about the world outside.

The class proves to be more educational than the prince had hoped. A gang of zombie, giant arachnid, vampire, troll, mummy, forest goblin, shape-shifter and humans is formed to beat the goblin enemies, and dull lives are transformed by adventure and challenge when Prince Thomas announces himself King.  Motivated now by a new sense of purpose, the gang set out to get justice.

In the Mythic Quarter they meet Kalthazari, the last ancient dragon. As they flush out the traitor in their midst, the goblin enemies descend to steal the dragon treasure, and Kalthazari is wounded by a blast of poison. The group are faced with their greatest challenge. Jaak the shape-shifter must take the form of the dragon to deceive the goblins, and steal time to allow Kalthazari to recover her energy for the impending journey to the Isle of Giants.

Now with only a month to live, the ancient one sets the child-king a quest. He must retrieve her lost eggs to save the dragon line. In return, she gifts him wisdom and great power which will enable communication with animals and dragons via his mind, and which will empower him to lead his people and Monstro City to victory against their enemies. Kalthazari reveals the hidden tunnels for the gang’s escape, and then destroys the remaining treasure before she sets out for the Isle.

But questions haunt Thomas. Has his lost brother become Stoker the vampire? And how encompassing are the powers that Kalthazari invested him with?

In entertaining smart talk, DC Green has created a new fantasy world with a procession of gruesome characters, some endearing and others revolting! Strong themes on friendships and loyalty lie between the lines of this fast talking, fast moving, first book in this new adventure series. Look out for Book 2: Mafia Goblins Rule.

Title: Monster School (City of Monsters #1)
Author: D C Green
Illustrator: Danny Willis
Publisher: Ford St, $18.95 RRP
Publication Date: October 2013
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925000078
For Ages: 10+
Type: Fantasy