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- author Jackie French

Thursday 31 October 2013

Review: Rosie Revere, Engineer

I simply adored Iggy Peck, Architect, so was falling all over myself to get hands on copy of this follow-up book--this time featuring the lovely Rosie Revere--Engineer.

There is so much to like about this book. Andrea Beaty's story concept is truly brilliant because it's not been over-thought or steeped in morals. It's just about a kid who loves to create ... hot dog dispensers and helium pants are just two of her fabulous inventions.

It's also about real life and how the simplest experiences can affect the choices we make. It's also about tenacity--about sticking with it, and that old nugget--if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. I've always loved this adage and it's truly delightful to see its concept in the pages of a picture book.

When young Rosie creates a hat for her uncle, zookeeper Fred, she thinks he'll be delighted. The hat is, after all, designed to keep pythons off his head--a very important thing for a zookeeper.

Fred laughs at the outlandish contraption, and this one small act is enough to shelve Rosie's engineering dreams. That is, until great-great-aunt Rose comes to stay.

Beaty's storyline is gorgeously-penned and her use of rhyme is also superb, making Rosie Revere one of the frighteningly few books I've read this year that achieves rhyme and rhythm almost flawlessly. This kind of perfection is vital for comprehension let alone book enjoyment. Hence, reading Rosie Revere both silently and aloud is a rhythmic joy.

David Roberts' stunning illustrations are the stuff of picture book dreams. Creative, busting with character, unique and retro-inspired, their addition to the book makes for one holistic and scrumptious meal-of-a-book that's a must-have for picture book collectors. And kids.

Title: Rosie Revere, Engineer
Author: Andrea Beaty
Illustrator: David Roberts
Publisher: Abrams, $19.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 September 2013
Format: Hard cover with dust jacket
ISBN: 9781419708459
For ages: 5 - 10
Type: Picture Book