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Friday 11 October 2013

Review: Where Do We Go When We Disappear?

Gotta love Tate Publishing. Love how they take risks with children's books in terms of the content and format. Metaphysics for three-year-olds? Why not?

Author Isabel Minhós Martins has asked the big questions in this gorgeous hard cover book for little ones. There's no dumming-down here (hallelujah!) and although the concepts may be infinite, the author has presented them in an adorably childlike way that will resonate with kids of many ages, even if they don't realise it.
So, where do we go when we disappear? It might just be around the corner, or behind a tree. When it comes to disappearing, it takes two people--one who goes and one who stays. No one can be missed if the other doesn't know they're missing.

What happens to socks when they disappear? What about the moon? And puddles and clouds? Have they gone forever when they go? Will they come back?

Written in a conversational, thoughtful tone, this book asks questions, answers some and leaves many unanswered (because perhaps there are no answers).

Striking block colour illustrations by Madalena Matoso are hip and modern yet whimsically retro. They are simple yet drenched in meaning--and absolutely give this text its perfect backdrop.

First published in Portuguese in 2011, Where Do We Go When We Disappear? is a book that sits firmly outside the square when it comes to the 'norm', and this is why I love it. Just because you're six doesn't mean you can't be called to think, to ponder and to question the physics and metaphysics of life.

Carl Jung, eat your heart out.

Title: Where Do We Go When We Disappear?
Author: Isabel Minhós Martins
Illustrator: Madalena Matoso
Publisher: Tate, $17.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 August 2013
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9781849761604
For ages: 4+
Type: Picture Book