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- author Jackie French

Sunday 24 November 2013

KBR Recommends: New Junior Fiction, October + November 2013

The Christmas Surprise (Ella and Olivia) by Yvette Poshoglian and Danielle McDonald, Scholastic, $7.99, 9781742839219, ages 5 - 8

Ella and Olivia can't wait until Christmas! But will their secret plan to open their presents early ruin the Christmas surprise?

You can read more about Ella and Olivia's adventures, play games and find other fun information at the Ella and Olivia website.

Spooked! (EJ12 Girl Hero #17) by Susannah McFarlane, Scholastic, $12.99, 9781921931505, age 8-10

In different castles across England, centuries-old gold coins have been stolen. All at the stroke of midnight.

Special Agent EJ12 will have to fight her fears and lead her team in her scariest night mission yet.

That's the easy part. As EJ12, Emma Jacks can do anything. So why does she get spooked so easily? Perhaps she doesn't after all...

For more information about the EJ12 series including games, background information and book updates, visit the EJ12 Girl Hero website.

Mrs Noodlekugel by Daniel Pinkwater, Candlewick Press, $14.95, 9780763664527, age 5–9

Welcome to the world of Mrs. Noodlekugel, where felines converse and serve cookies and tea, vision-impaired mice join the party (but may put crumbs up their noses), and children in search of funny adventures are drawn by the warm smell of gingerbread and the promise of magical surprises. 

This delightful chapter book for early readers is now available in paperback.

School Bully, BEWARE! (Twin Magic #2) by Kate Ledger and Kyla May, Scholastic, $6.99, 9780545480260, ages 5-7

There's a new kid named Max in school today. At recess, he kicks Toby's ball up into a tree. Is Max a big bully?

Lottie and Mia will have to use their special Super Twin powers to save the day.

This is the second title in the Twin Magic series.