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Monday 11 November 2013

Review: That is NOT a Good Idea!

Looking for Thrills? Drama? Dinner? In the style of the old silent films, That is NOT a Good Idea delivers all that and more as Hungry Fox tries to outsmart Plump Goose.

Will the debonair and charming fox trick the mother goose into following him back to his home where he is preparing dinner? What is the missing key ingredient in the fox’s soup? Why isn’t anyone listening to the Baby Geese as they shout out their ‘This is NOT a Good Idea!’ warning?

Mo Willems strikes again, reminding us that there can be a wealth of humour and entertainment delivered in a simple story. I love the silent movie format with the colour illustrations alternating with the black story board style pages with white text giving the dialogue between the Fox and Goose and the shouts of the Baby Geese.

That is NOT a Good Idea! is a great story to read aloud with young children. There is so much scope for dramatic voices and melodrama as well as the kids being able to join in with the repeated warning of the Baby Geese.

If you haven’t read any Mo Willems books before now, make sure you follow That is NOT a Good Idea! with some of his wonderful Pigeon books (our family favourite is Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus).

Title: That is NOT a Good Idea!
Author/Illustrator: Mo Willems
Publisher: Walker Books, $24.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 September 2013
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781406349412
For ages: 2+
Type: Picture Book