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- author Jackie French

Friday 22 November 2013

Shout Out: Little Mates: Yum Yum Yoshi and Zippy Zoe

The last of the adorable Little Mates alphabet series by Susannah McFarlane and Lachlan Creagh are here. Yum Yum Yoshi and Zippy Zoe round out a fabulous collection of small-format picture books for little ones, covering the alphabet from A - Z with a cast of adorable characters, and sweetly alliterated tales.

Yoshi is a yellow-bellied glider who thinks his favourite foods are yum yum! Join Yoshi as his friends come to the rescue when suddenly everything he eats is yuck. Yikes!

Zoe is a very zippy zebra finch. Join Zoe and her friends as they zip from zero to a zillion!

The Little Mates series, $4.95 each, paperback, Scholastic, 1 November 2013, Yum Yum Yoshi 9781742837420, Zippy Zoe 9781742838847.