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Sunday 3 November 2013

Shout Out: The Truly Tan books

The latest Truly Tan book is out--this time Tan is feeling a little spooked!

Tan and the Chosen Few have another mystery on their hands...

The ′stonies′ (stone animal statues) around Peppercorn Valley have been mysteriously disappearing. But who would steal them? What could the thief want with a stone emu or flamingo?

This mystery is truly baffling! It′s a good thing Tan has the mind of a Great Detective...

Jen Storer's gorgeous main character--Tan--is not only funny, she's real real real, and it's no wonder kids are falling in love with her and her mystery-strewn adventures. Engaging, witty and well-written, the books are dotted with fun graphics and fabulous imagery by Claire Robertson.

A blending of Alice-Miranda, Judy Moody and The Famous Five, this is the kind of book I would have loved to read as a child. And, she is my namesake, after all.

Other books in the series include:

Title: Truly Tan: Spooked!
Author: Jen Storer
Illustrator: Claire Robertson
Publisher: ABC Books, $16.99 RRP
ISBN: 9780733331237
Format: Paperback
For ages: 7 - 11
Type: Junior Fiction