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Thursday 28 November 2013

Tania's Picks: Box World Adventures

We all know how utterly entranced children become by a simple--empty--box. A box can be so many things, with so many adventuresome stories and possibilities. And with Box World Adventures, the adventures are not only unlimited, they're very, very pretty.

This stunning folder contains a world of box-enhancing imagery and ideas. Inside you will a little book which shows you the possibility of crafting cardboard projects to die for.

Such as this rather adorable Empire State Building (below). Or a double-decker bus. Or a castle. Or Big Ben. Or a yellow cab. The Eiffel Tower. A windmill. How about a Swiss Chalet, an art museum or pagoda?

Or a jeep on safari?

For those who fall over in a heap at the sight of stunning artwork and pattern, the endless papers and stickers and superbly retro imagery in the workbook will have you unable to peel yourself off the floor. And best best best of all? There's two sheets of each one! So if you're really overwhelmed at the beauty, you could use one and then scrapbook the other, just so you can run your hand over it and go 'ahh'.

There are plenty of stickers (below--see those eyes?) including face parts, numbers, colours and signs, all designed to enhance your box-creation pleasure.

If you're anything like me, you may also consider removing each and every page from this incredibly creative collection and just framing it for your wall. Seriously.

But wait. We haven't talked about kids and how much fun they would have with Box World Adventures. 

Kids? What kids?

Title: Box World Adventures
Illustrator: Suzy Ultman
Publisher: Who Else but Chronicle Books, $27.95 RRP
Publication Date: 20 August 2013
Format: Folder set of two booklets
ISBN: 9781452113272
For ages: Adult. Sorry, I mean 6+
Type: Activity Pack